Dr. Janathin Miller — A Tribute

Dr. Janathin Miller was a whirlwind with non-stop energy and passion for life.

She earned 4 degrees over her lifetime:

  • B.S. in Broadcast Electronics from Ithaca College.
  • M.S. in Instructional Technology from Boston University
  • Post-grad. Accreditation, Computer Education Sciences, Syracuse University
  • Doctorate in system management and education , Cornell University

Dr. Miller worked in the government contracting business for 33 years, based both in San Diego and in Washington, DC. As a civilian, she attended Naval Post Graduate School where she also taught. Dr. Miller held teaching credentials for higher education in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and California.

Dr. Miller owned and operated several successful start-up engineering firms that designed safety and test equipment and provided technical training for the United States Government. Under Dr. Miller's direction as Co-Founder and President, Access Research Corporation (and later Antin Engineering) grew to eleven offices nationwide with annual sales of approximately $28 million. Access Research's capabilities included: systems engineering, re-engineering; software/hardware development, automatic test technology, and training.

Dr. Miller and her organizations received accolades from nationally recognized figures and agencies. She was selected to chair the national security Industrial Association's ad hoc advisory committee and reported findings to the Joint Logistics Commanders, who make recommendations directly to Congress. Dr. Miller provided formal testimony to the House of Representatives' Committee for Small Business regarding the new economic realities of women and minorities in business ownership. She participated as a member of President Clinton's summit on economic recovery. Dr. Miller received national recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year, by Arthur Young/Venture Magazine. More recently, she won achievement awards for Women in Technology, successful California Women-Owned Business, and other entrepreneurial honors.

Dr. Miller has been a long-time contributor to the community. She was a founding trustee and a member of the Board of Directors at California State University San Marcos. To celebrate her dreams, Dr. Miller founded the non-profit Minnow Lake Foundation to assist and educate at-risk families in the community. She joined the GENI Board to advance the development of renewable energy in the United States and around the world.

Dr. Miller recognized the urgent need to serve another "at risk" group in our community -- veterans returning from war zones and their families. As they transition back into the civilian community, vets can struggle with the scars of war -- disabling injuries and impacts of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through strategic partnerships with the academic community, business relationships, and local politicians she spearheaded formation of Veterans Support Consortium, which successfully raised $23 million for the treatment of PTSD.

Under her steady hand, partnerships have been formed with elements of local academia. They offer scholarship funded, practical, short term, and job-focused classes. This program serving active-duty military, veterans, and military spouses is continuing to expand to meet the burgeoning needs of our brave sons and daughters as they return home. Dr. Miller gave her all to her friends, colleagues and her country.