5 Eye-Opening Global Trends You Should Know About


Gaelle Gourmelon

It’s not easy to keep track of the complex ways in which our everyday choices have an impact on a global scale. But as the world’s population surpasses 7 billion, each of our actions—positive or negative—gets multiplied.

Geodesign Session 4 Water Sustainable Practices SD and No Baja

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Geni Geodesgin

There are several different directions that our planet can take to address the ever growing need for water and energy. This will involve integrating technologies of a large and small scale into our grid and into our homes as well. There are two main technologies in which to address large scale water sustainability: desalination and ‘pure water’ recycling. As the California dries out, it is increasingly important to adopt proven strategies to maintain the current standard of living.


Elyse Lowe


Circulate San Diego

Subject Matter Expert

A native San Diegan, Elyse Lowe studied environmental studies and earth science, with an emphasis on policy and planning, at UC Santa Cruz. Elyse started her career with the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department managing citywide recycling programs. She then worked in the City’s Financial Management Department as a Budget Analyst.

Plastic waste causing $13bn in damage: UN


Nairobi - The dumping of plastic waste into the world's oceans is causing at least $13bn a year of damage, threatening marine life, tourism and fisheries, the United Nations warned on Monday at the launch of a global environment conference.

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