San Diego Renewable Transit News

  • Comprehensive $64 Million Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan For San Diego
    Mar 6, 2016 - Kyle Park Points -

    Recently, Next City reported on San Diego, California’s $64 million plan to construct a bicycle and pedestrian transit system complete with “protected bike lanes, pedestrian greenways, curb bulb-outs, road diets and more.” The Downtown Mobility Plan, if adopted, will reinvent the way cyclists and pedestrians travel the downtown streets.
  • San Diego Gas & Electric to Use Electric Cars to Integrate Renewable Energy
    Jun 28, 2016 - Max Baumhefner -

    California just took another key step in expanding the market for electric vehicles (EVs); 3,500 charging stations will be installed in the San Diego area under a “Vehicle Grid Integration” program approved by the California Public Utilities Commission recently that also includes dynamic pricing to encourage charging when renewable energy is abundant, maximizing the savings from fueling the vehicles with electricity.  In both cases, these programs should tap pent-up demand for EVs outside of single-family homes and increase the number of miles driven on electricity by targeting sites where there is a dearth of charging infrastructure, namely apartment complexes, workplaces, and other locations where cars are parked for most of the day.
  • San Diego Now Home To 10,000+ Electric Cars
    Sep 14, 2014 - Cynthia Shahan -

    It is seriously fashionable to drive an EV in San Diego.  The city has a notable milestone to celebrate this year with more than 10,000 EVs on the roads in the metro region.  New sales figures from the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative also show that the state has set a new world record.