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Aspen, Colorado (United States)


City of Aspen(Renewable Energy)

Today, the City of Aspen electric system uses 100% renewable energy (46% hydroelectric, 53% wind power, 1% landfill gas).  By showing the economic viability of renewable energy integration, we hope this model will be adapted worldwide.


Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg (Germany)

The EcoTipping Points Project


Freiburg promotes itself as a Green city—especially in the areas of transportation, energy, waste management, land conservation, and green economics—and the city has won various national and international environmental awards. Actually, in some respects (e.g., waste management), Freiburg is much like other German cities. But in the areas of energy and green economics, it is particularly outstanding.


San Diego, California (United States)

Sunline Energy, Solar and Electric

All things being equal, a PV installation in San Diego will deliver more solar power output than a comparable installation in most other parts of the country.  This also means that San Diego residents who install solar enjoy lower monthly electricity bills and faster payback periods than their counterparts in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco.



Unified Port of San Diego


The San Diego Board of Port Commissioners has approved an "Energy Road Map" that will be used to outline the sustainable energy partnership between the Port and San Diego Gas & Electric. The goals of the Partnership are to identify opportunities to deliver net energy savings, peak demand savings and greenhouse gas reductions through implementation of energy efficiency activities in Port operations.


San Francisco / Palo Alto, California (United States)

City of Palo Alto (Sustainability)

The City has undertaken a wide range of initiatives to improve the sustainability performance of both government operations and the community at large—including updating our 2007 Climate Protection Plan — and offers a wide variety of programs that may help you take actions enhance your own sustainability efforts.




World Future Council


In 2010 the mayor of San Francisco, US announced a 100 % renewable electricity target to be achieved within ten years. The target – building on the 51% Renewable Portfolio Standard set in 2007 for 2017 – can be seen as one instrument to fulfil the Climate Change Goals Ordinance, adopted in 2008, which set high greehouse gas reduction targets. 


Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

Green Vancouver


Our city has what it takes to successfully get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050.  We already have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per person of any major North American city and we are a city that innovates and already has abundant clean electricity.