Averill Strasser


Director, Water Charity



Director, Water Charity

Averill Strasser is a mechanical engineer, environmental planner, lawyer and humanitarian who develops water, sanitation and health education programs worldwide. He also litigates, arbitrates and mediates international water conflicts. He founded and serves as COO of Water Charity, a nonprofit organization implementing practical solutions to provide safe water, effective sanitation, and meaningful health education worldwide to those in need. Water Charity operates projects in Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador involving appropriate technologies, including rainwater harvesting, grey water usage, reservoirs, cisterns, water systems, well drilling, and water filtration, purification, and desalination. Formerly, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Averill served as Professor of Engineering, University of San Andres, La Paz, Bolivia during which time he led student groups to do public works, water, and mining projects. He started a film company producing documentary shorts and is working on a full-length film centered on the urban youth culture of Bolivia. He also founded an organization working to save indigenous languages in danger of extinction in the Americas.

He has worked as Mechanical Engineer, designing physical facilities for L.A. Department of Water and Power, as a Planner in the City Manager’s Office in Compton and implemented the Housing Authority. He worked as Senior Environmental Planner, Community Development Department, Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles, under Mayor Bradley. For 20+ years, he practiced law in Beverly Hills, specializing in civil litigation, but now maintains only a limited legal practice.