Bill Daul


Chief Collaboration Officer, NextNow Network



Bill Daul is a world-wide consultant and business relationship strategist, and has been instrumental in the formation of a large number of successful business partnerships and collaborations over the years in Silicon Valley and beyond. Bill’s skills are particularly attuned to discerning the highest-leveraged way to combine innovative technologies with people and organizations who can bring these emerging ideas to market.

Bill opened up a number of new business relationships for Herriot Research, an adjunct to Bios Group, Inc. of Santa Fe, including IBM, Catarra Inc. (was SoftSource Corp), Mithya Inc., SelfCorp, etc. At IdeaRhyme, Bill’s vision is to build organizations through stronger relationships, both internally and externally. In 2008, he created a three-day Innovation Forum for members of the Pentagon in Silicon Valley.

He has held positions at a wide variety of high tech companies, including Sun Microsystems, Informix Software, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, Tymshare, and the United States Geological Survey. In all of these positions, Bill took a leadership role in helping organizations reach new levels of innovation and success by forging unexpectedly powerful creative links to other people and organizations – often in different fields, and highly synergistic.

Bill was also the principal founder of NextNow Network and Nosostros Salon, The Meta-Learning Lab, and Nosostros Salon, bringing together groups of visionaries who were selected to meet regularly to explore and transcend creative and intellectual boundaries -- from the past...to the here...to the next now. He also co-founded the NextNow Collaboratory with Claudia Welss (Executive Director).