Bonnie DeVarco


Media Tertia



Bonnie Devarco is an interdisciplinary researcher, writer and curator and a Media X Distinguished Visiting Scholar. With an academic background in cultural anthropology, dance ethnology and archives management, she writes and lectures on Design Science, virtual worlds, next generation geographic information systems, information visualization and the culture of cyberspace.

She has served as an education technology consultant to non-profit, corporate and educational organizations for the past 20 years (including PBS, AIANY Center for Architecture, San Diego and Imperial County Boards of Education, James Burke's Knowledge Web, UC Santa Cruz, UCOP, the Buckminster Fuller Institute).

She helped develop multi-institutional programs for distance and media enhanced learning for the University of California Office of the President and served as research and development consultant for the UC College Prep Initiative (UCCP), one of the first statewide virtual high school programs 1998-2003.

Bonnie serves on a variety of advisory boards, including Places & Spaces - Mapping Science International Exhibition series and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge Prize. She served as archivist for the Buckminster Fuller collection from 1989-1995 and is completing a book on Fuller titled Invisible Architecture II.

She is currently co-authoring Shape of Thought, on the history and evolution of visual language with Eileen Clegg and is co-editing a book on ludic cartographies as part of the They Got Game program at Stanford University. scaleindependentthought.typepad.com