Claudia Welss


NextNow Collaboratory



Executive Director, NextNow Collaboratory

Claudia Welss of Berkeley, California is founder/executive director of NextNow Collaboratory, a 'collaboration laboratory' matching needs with resources to benefit social projects that use information-visualization tools for raising awareness about the relationship between human activity and Earth changes, and collaboration tools to mobilize collective action in response to the raised awareness. (See NNC Digital Earth ISDE5 for an example).

Claudia’s the founder of the Digital Earth/Digital Mind initiative which debuted at ISDE5, and is a founding director of MIDAS (Mobile Input Devices and Systems), innovating a one–handed input device for mobile computing based on the 5-chorded keyset (see the TipTapSpeech iPhone app). She is also on the board and co-executive director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution; an external research faculty member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences contributing to consciousness research; on the Steering Committee of the Global Coherence Initiative, a project to raise personal, social, and planetary systems into coherence; on the Advisory Board of the Plastic Pollution Coalition; and a seed funder for both the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign and the Ecological Creditors Summit, a project of Global Footprint Network. She also just joined the Strategic Allies Connector Team for 'Four Years. Go'.

Previously, Claudia was executive director of the Center for Executive Development at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, responsible for the development and delivery of strategic learning programs for client corporations and working with executives from over 30 countries in more than a dozen industries. Her personal mission was to develop and institutionalize CSR program content.