Mike Liebhold


Senior Scientist, Institute for the Future



Senior Scientist, Institute for the Future

Mike Liebhold is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for the Future focusing on the mobile and abundant computation, immersive media and geospatial web foundations for context-aware and ubiquitous computing. Previously, Mike was a Visiting Researcher, Intel Labs, working on a pattern language based on semantic web frameworks for ubiquitous computing. Before that, during the late 1990s, Mike worked on startups, building large scale international public IT services and IP networks for rural and remote regions, and for GPS enhanced precision agriculture, a complete IT architecture for schools in Shandong Province China, satellite networks in India, Europe, and Latin America, and was the Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation project to bring Internet2 broadband IP networks to seventy rural low income communities in the United States.

In the 1990s, Mike was a senior consulting architect at Netscape Communications and a founding member of Netscape’s Strategic Investors board. Previously, Mike was Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for Times Mirror Publishing. For ten years prior, he was Senior Scientist for Apple Computer researching and developing media technologies, geospatial information systems, and high-speed communications. Mike served as principal technology policy adviser for Apple Chairman, John Sculley, and drafted core recommendations on the National Information Infrastructure which were later incorporated directly in the Clinton-Gore Technology Initiative.

Mike is a frequent speaker on the topic of the geospatial web and has authored a number of papers, including one recently published in a special edition of the IEEE Journal on Pervasive Computing, 'Data Management in the World-Wide Sensor Web.'