Nilmini Silva-Send


Sr Resrchr, USD Enrgy Pol Initiatv Cntr



Senior Researcher, USD Energy Policy Initiative Center

Dr. Nilmini Silva-Send is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Energy Policy Initiatives Center (EPIC) at the USD's School of Law. In this role, she is contributing research and analysis to EPIC’s ongoing greenhouse gas inventory project. Dr. Silva-Send is conducting analysis on the waste emissions and the off-road sectors of transportation. She is also lead researcher on a project to assess clean technology policies around the U.S.

Prior to joining EPIC, Dr. Silva-Send worked as an independent consultant during which she conducted research for a project to assess sustainable policies among cities in the U.S. The project, which was organized in association with Northern Arizona University’s Center for Sustainable Environments, examined the effectiveness of existing community sustainability programs related to energy, air, water, and waste and sought to identify the most effective practices, methods of optimization of programs’ benefits and examine the management of change. Dr. Silva-Send also has recently been certified as a technical advisor for greenhouse gas assessments through the California Climate Action Registry.

During her career Dr. Silva-Send has also served in several technical positions in which she conducted analysis in Europe and the U.S. on environmental compliance. She has also taught University level courses in Germany. Most recently she taught international and European environmental law at the University of San Diego School of Law. Dr. Silva-Send has a B.S. in Chemistry and a PhD in International Law and Policy.