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San Diego Green Scene:

Adm. Len Hering - "The Climate Requires us to Change"

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Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Energy Adm. Len Hering speaks with passion and facts about the climate change crisis that will impact everyone. He offers a global perspective that marries population growth, economic development and fossil fuel usage.  If we continue on the same path we will suffer the consequences of stronger storms, increased drought, disease migration and sea level rise. America's security risk related to climate change and resource conflicts with the developing world are consequences we can not afford. Adm. Hering is clear, we must change course, or we will end up where we are headed.


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 len hering

Len Hering, RADM, USN (Retired)


Executive Director  

Center for Sustainable Energy  


Rear Admiral Leendert "Len" Hering Sr. (U.S. Navy, retired), is a prominent military and civilian sustainability leader with a broad background in energy and environmental issues. His passion in sustainability is educating people on the dangers the future holds without taking responsible actions to secure the nation's energy independence and to preserve water, air quality and other resources. Hering's endeavors include founding what is now the largest sustainability business partnership in San Diego County, the San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership, a consortium of business, government, academic and community organizations promoting practices that support a sustainable future for the region.