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The "Duck Curve" is challenging utility planners as more solar power is added to the grid.

Utilities are experiencing dramatic change in the past decade - Renewable Portfolio Standards, onsite PV generation, variable wind power, smart meters and grids, electric vehicle charging, and shutdowns of base load power.  Yet, as customers we still expect reliable electricity 24/7 at a reasonable price.  Today, the long-range system planner is one of the most challenging energy utility jobs.

SDG&E has been at the forefront of this change.  The utility achieved 33% renewable generation 5 years ahead of the 2020 CA state deadline.  Smart meters were installed so that all customers could monitor their hourly usage to save money.  While controversial to some, the Sunrise Power Link was commissioned and now delivers utility-scale solar and wind power from Imperial County.  New storage is being added to better manage the variability of wind and solar generation. 

Change is the new normal for SDG&E, and the System Planner is at the center of this vortex. We are honored to have Rob Anderson join us to explain the complexity of his world.