Urban planning failures putting lives at risk - expert

alertnet // Katie Murray

Failures of urban planning are putting lives, infrastructure and businesses at risk as weather shocks – like the floods now surging through Bangkok – become more frequent as a result of climate change, urban planning and climate experts say.

Countries must plan for climate refugees - report


Deborah Zabarenko


WASHINGTON, Oct 27 (Reuters) - The world's governments and relief agencies need to plan now to resettle millions of people expected to be displaced by climate change, an international panel of experts said on Thursday.

Warming Could Exceed Safe Levels In This Lifetime

Nina Chestney

Global temperature rise could exceed "safe" levels of two degrees Celsius in some parts of the world in many of our lifetimes if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, two research papers published in the journal Nature warned.

The 'other' Arctic sea ice melt

Reports focus on the possibility a record minimum for Arctic sea ice in September, but a major loss during the early summer months is climatologically more important

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