Rust In The Bread Basket

A crop-killing fungus is spreading out of Africa towards the world’s great wheat-growing areas

Jul 1st 2010

Cars And People Compete For Grain

Lester R. Brown

At a time when excessive pressures on the earth’s land and water resources are of growing concern, there is a massive new demand emerging for cropland to produce fuel for cars—one that threatens world food security.

Almost Half Of Deaths In Kids Under 5 Occur In 5 Countries

Two-thirds of cases due to infectious diseases, researchers report

TUESDAY, May 11 (HealthDay News) -- Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and blood poisoning account for more than two-thirds of the 8.8 million annual deaths in kids under 5 years of age worldwide, a n

Wars Less Deadly Than They Used To Be

* Mortality rates decline even in wartime, report says * 5.4 million Congo death rate figure "far too high" By Patrick Worsnip UNITED NATIONS, (Reuters) - Wars are less deadly than they once were and national mortality rates have continued to decline even during conflicts due to smaller scale fig

UN Chief: Hunger Kills 17,000 Kids Daily



Rome, Italy (CNN) -- Somewhere in the world, a child dies of hunger every five seconds -- even though the planet has more than enough food for all.

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