Warming Could Exceed Safe Levels In This Lifetime

Nina Chestney

Global temperature rise could exceed "safe" levels of two degrees Celsius in some parts of the world in many of our lifetimes if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, two research papers published in the journal Nature warned.


Dan Noble


Inquiry International

Subject Matter Expert

Dan Noble is President/CEO of Noble Resources Group, a sustainable resource market development firm, based in Southern California. He has more than 20 years of environmental market research, publishing and strategic market consulting experience focused on expanding public and private sector investment in water, recycled water and recycled organics at the local, state, national and international policy and investment levels.

Multiple Heat Waves Cap Planet’s Warming Trend

This time, the heat is really on. From Boston to Washington, D.C., temperatures have soared to 100 degrees or more in recent days, stressing electrical grids, scrambling rail transportation and prompting the swift creation of cooling centers for those who lack air conditioning.

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