Wanted: innovative ideas on how to feed nine billion people


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Gerda Verburg

I grew up on a farm and I am one of 10 siblings, so I know how challenging it can be to embrace differences and work together. But I am also from the Netherlands '€“ a country that would be underwater if we had not all worked together to come up with a solution '€“ so I know it can be done.

Relationship Between GDP Per Capita and the Global Gender Gap Index of 2009

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World Economic Forum

This graph shows the relationship between per capita GDP of individual countries (or the average amount earned per person per year) and the Global Gender Gap Index Score (or the amount of money a woman makes for every dollar earned by a man with the same job). There is a clear, positive correlation between per capita GDP and the Gender Gap Index Score.

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Hans Rosling and the Future of the World

Michael Kanellos

The world’s most important invention—the technological breakthrough that has fundamentally changed family life for the better nearly everywhere—isn’t particularly extravagant. In fact, you probably have one.

What is it? The car? The computer? The cell phone? Not quite.

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