Geodesign Session 2 - San Diego and Baja

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Global Energy Network International
Global Classroom Summer Series 2015
- Thursday July 9, 2015 - "Sustainable Development and Resilient Systems. Why and How our world has changed."

Geodesign* - Engineering the Transition to
Renewable Energy and Clean Water for All


The Great Green Wall of Africa


Kyle Benjamin Schneps

In February 2011, an international summit in Bonn, Germany officially approved the building of a pan-African Great Green Wall (GGW) in support of the UN Convention to Com


Healy Vigderson


Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center

Subject Matter Expert

Healy Vigderson is the Executive Director of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center. Healy comes to us from the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County, serving most recently as Assistant Director, where she oversaw education and outreach programs designed to support families with chronic health conditions. She also managed creative fundraising events and led an advocacy team on legislative issues at the State Capitol. Healy has a background in Ecology and worked in North Central Chile on Desertification projects near the Atacama Desert.

Nowhere To Hide From Global Forest Watch


There's nowhere to hide now that Global Forest Watch has launched - citizens around the world now have all the information they need to monitor the state of the world's forests. 

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