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An Ancient Tool Holds Promise for Modern Water Problems


Columbia Water Center

A large cistern in the ancient city of Resafa, Syria, was filled by channeling periodic floods from a wadi west of the city. The use of complex systems for directing and harvesting water dates back thousands of years.

UN says fertiliser crisis is damaging the planet


The Independent

Michael McCarthy

The world is facing a fertiliser crisis, with far too little in some places, and far too much in others, a new report from the United Nations says today.

UN: 15-year push ends extreme poverty for a billion people


the Guardian

Sam Jones

The millennium development goals (MDGs) have driven "€œthe most successful anti-poverty movement in history" and brought more than a billion people out of extreme penury, but their achievements have been mixed and the world remains deeply riven by inequality, the UN'€™s final report on the goals

2016 Global Peace Index


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The Global Peace Index Records a Historically Less Peaceful and More Unequal World 

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