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Green Patent Law

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Eric Lane, the founder and principal of Green Patent Law, is an intellectual property lawyer and registered U.S. patent attorney in San Diego, California. With both a life sciences degree and recognized expertise in green technology, Eric has a deep understanding of a range of technologies including renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar PV, CSP, biofuels, and geothermal, energy storage technologies, carbon capture and sequestration, medical devices, data communications, mechanical, chemical, internet and software.


Charles Stoll



Subject Matter Expert

Charles Stoll, more commonly known as "Muggs", is the Director of Land Use and Transportation Planning for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) in San Diego, California. He directs a team of over 30 professionals in developing critical land use and transportation planning initiatives for the San Diego region, such as the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and the first Sustainable Communities Strategy pursuant to Senate Bill 375 in the State of California. Previously, Stoll was the TransNet Program Manager and interim Communications Director for SANDAG.

The Big Energy Gamble

Submitted by aashishrathi on Tue, 09/03/2013 - 13:44

Filmmakers at NOVA have taken a comprehensive look at former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ambitious and controversial plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions and promote energy efficiency. We can make more informed choices about the future.

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The Top 10 Smart Cities On The Planet

Boyd Cohen

Crunching a list of variables about innovation and sustainability, we rank the world’s smartest cities, from New York to Hong Kong (and with an unexpected winner)

Can Bolivia become a green energy superpower?

Dan Collyns

Bolivia has vast reserves of lithium, seen as the green energy fuel of the future, which it wants to exploit on its own. But the lithium is locked underneath a 10,000 sq km salt flat

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